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Event: Future Talks - "The City Does Not Recognize Any Disabilities"

January, 2019

        In our project called “The City Does Not Recognize Any Disabilities”, since we believe that being disabled is not an obstacle to live a life, we have hosted someone who has been through this experience at first hand in our school. In the conference that we gave by hosting Turkey's first disabled Youtuber Yunus Emre Polat, we re-emphasized the fact that the biggest obstacle is stolidity. We listened to the inspiring story of him being visually impaired at the age of 15 but still, not losing the belief of his capability for overcoming all the difficulties that he faces and being able to accomplish all his dreams. Mr. Polat, who contends that the city doesn't recognize any disabilities, showed that being physically disabled is not a stumbling block for carrying out life related actions, by being a city guide although he’s unable to see the city. Thus, we have made students aware of the fact it’s required for them to be more sensitive to people with disabilities and the main obstacle of people with disabilities is people who are unconscious to them.

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Event: "Cosmic Coding"

February, 2019

        Everyday we have plenty of reasons to get angry, stressed or offended, but it’s possible to reduce these negative emotions by spreading your power and effort to create many chances to pleasure people around you.

Therefore, in the project we have carried out with the Municipality of Üsküdar, we hosted orphans from Fevziye Meriç Education Centre in our school. In the 2-week period we undertook, we gave them robotics and coding education in the context of the specific STEM curriculum that we prepared by ourselves. We tutored them about Arduino development cards by handing them training sets that we have provided from our sponsors. This way, we helped the children to engrain the values of the 21st century, which we surmise that every individual needs to adapt.

As Cosmos Robot Works, we espouse the fact that every child has the right to laugh. To contribute to this principle and overcome the inequality of opportunity, we aimed to entertain the children while we were educating them. We introduced them to STEM, we discussed its importance and at the same time, we elevated our own schooling skills. Later on, we hosted them at the award ceremony and finalized our programme. We handed them our handmade certificates which imply that they have completed the Cosmic Coding tutoring sessions by giving an effort to learning in the field of coding and making a contribution to science. Since we believe that happiness increases when it’s shared, witnessing the smile on their faces was a pleasuring experience for both sides.

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Project: "Can you help me to #ChooseScience?"

January, 2019

        This year, as Cosmos Robot Works, we started a campaign called "Can You Help Me to Choose Science?" in our school. As we are aware that a good education is a necessity in the development of each individual, we aimed to make students without decent schooling conditions smile. We collected stationery supplies for schools that had insufficient stationary equipment in Eastern Anatolia. Thanks to the stationery firms which sponsor us, we got the chance to gather a lot of supplies. After concluding this project by sending all of the supplies that we gathered to Ağrı, we improved the educational standards in Ağrı Social Science High School. We also did send a few copies of our magazine, Cosmic Science, for spreading the prominence of STEM across Anatolia and globe.


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Project: "Refugee Aid"

March, 2018

        Due to the Syrian civil war which began in 2011, Turkey began to host 3.9 million refugees, including 1.7 million children. The biggest problem that Syrian refugees faced was a deep communication issue. This eventually turned into a psychological issue for the Syrian children, due to the fact that they were not able to communicate with their peers. The lack of communication took away the most fundamental right that a child had, the right to play. After spotting that Syrian children were having a hard time while trying to learn our language, we started a 12-week long project to minimize their linguistic issues and give those children the right to play with their peers. Our primary target was to teach a group of Syrian children our language by using drama and then helping them to gain 21st century skills rogramming and innovation lessons based on our school's own curriculum. We presented our project to the United Nations in New York,USA and had briefings with UNICEF, UNHCR and UNESCO. The feedback we received was very special, as they told us that this project was suitable for a Nobel Peace Prize. As Bahçeşehir Sci-Tech High School and Cosmos Robot Works, the most important aspect of this project for us was the STEM for all approach, as we shared our experiences with children who were finite and morally damaged.

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Project: "Bio-Hive" - Intel Make Tomarrow

February, 2018

        Nowadays, we know how much bee population is dying away and big companies such as Google are looking to extract electronic bees. As quoted by Einstein, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”. That’s a scary fact to think about, isn’t it? Our leading project, Bio Hive, is a smart bee hive. After a research, we found out that there were some serious problems about the temperature inside a beehive, so we created a hive that would regulate the temperature inside. We used Arduino boards and modules in order to minimize bees’ common problems such as excessive humidity or heating problems. We sent more than 8 hives to provinces in Turkey to help beekeepers and increase the population of bees.


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Project: "SteamForAll"


        Considering the understanding of “stem for all”, we started thinking about reaching a 7-year-old child and a 70-year-old man at the same time. While we were thinking about it, we had a trip to the toy museum and we found answer the question of how we would appeal to people of these ages at the same time. Every single adult has a toy remaining from their childhood. We have understood the real value and graveness of these toys for adults after visiting the Istanbul Toy Museum. Parents who visit this museum with their children, remember their own childhood and some parents even get touched and start to cry. After beholding the toys from the past, we thought of reconstructing them by using 3D printers and CNC machines and displaying the modernized ones next to the original toys. The toys we modernized by using tools such as CNC and 3D printers were exhibited alongside the old ones. Thus, we provided an opportunity to reach to a seven-year-old at the same time as an adult. As Cosmos Robot Works, we have also strengthened the “Stem For All” approach once again.


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