Our Future Plans

As a team, our future plans are to become mature individuals who are delicate to their nation and spreads this acquaintance. We want to be the young entrepreneurs of Turkey who are also contributing to development of their own country. One of the most important aims of our team is becoming individuals who are innovative, contributive to their environment, keeping the pace and overcoming current problems by simple and convenient solutions. Also another purpose of our team is widening and highlighting the importance of innovation and the yields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in the public schools and in the Eastern Anatolian minor of the Turkish Republic. Representing our country in the best way and manners abroad and in any branch is our main destination that we want to reach. “If one day my words are against science, choose science.” is the most supportive quote of Ataturk that encourages science. We are using that quote as our team motto so our team is prohibiting the common sense that girls are not skilled and resourceful as boys on science, mechanics and robotics.